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 Pre-registration is required for all activities.   All CME/CE activities start at 12:00 noon live and/or live streaming. Dates and times maybe changed at the discretion of Ascension.

Note: If you previously attended the onsite conference containing the same presentation, you are unable to claim credit for completing the On-Demand version

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June, 2019

6/18/2019 Ascension Alabama
 “Organ Donation”

(12N) Central Standard Time

Dr. Samuel Windham
Trauma Surgical Director, UAB

July, 2019

7/02/2019Ascension Alabama

(12N) Central Standard Time
Dr. Michael Czamecki, Pulmonologist

7/9/2019 Ascension Alabama
 “Migraine Management”

(12N) Central Standard Time
Potomac Center

7/16/2019 Ascension Alabama
“Opioid Addiction”
(12N) Central Standard Time
Dr. Michael Wilkerson
Bradford Health

7/23/2019 Ascension Alabama
"Antibiotic Stewardship"
(12N) Central Standard Time
Dr. Rachael Lee, Infectious Disease

7/30/2019 Ascension Alabama
"Treating Mental Health Issues"
(12N) Central Standard Time
Dr. Eric Hedberg
Bradford Health

August 2019:

8/6/2019 Ascension Alabama
 “Healthcare Team Communication”

(12N) Central Standard Time

Dr. Clinton Coil, MPH, FACEP
Chief Clinical Officer - UCLA

8/13/2019 Ascension Alabama
 “New Treatment Procedure for Prostate (BPH)”

(12N) Central Standard Time
Dr. Brian Wade
Urology Centers of Alabama, PC

8/20/2019 Ascension Alabama

(12N) Central Standard Time
Dr. Clinical Care Concepts

8/22/2019 Ascension Alabama
"Pharmacy Conference"

(8A-3P) Central Standard Time
Multiple Speakers

8/27/2019 Ascension Alabama
"Don't Let Stress Sabotage Your Success"

(12N) Central Standard Time
Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
Internal Medicine